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You can count on Frontline Concierge and our Corporate Concierge services to provide professional administrative and business development assistance. 


You have a new business concept, a start-up project, a business plan, a feasibility study, presentations that not only look like a million bucks but communicate precisely your game plan, a research project--- and no time to develop any of it!

Call us to discuss special rates based on the scope of your project!

Corporate Services
   - New business concept development
   - Start-up projects
   - Business, sales, and marketing plans
   - Feasibility studies
   - Presentations
   - Marketing materials
   - Research and Development
   - Administrative services
   - Office set-up or reorganization
   - Grant writing
   - Non-profit and For-profit organizational structures

Office & Small Business
    - Event support
   - Shopping and organizing
   - Document filing
   - Any concierge services
   - Courier service
   - Gift shopping/wrap/deliver
   - Floral purchase/special delivery
   - Lunch/Meeting refreshments delivery
   - Mailings
   - Data entry and special projects
   - Internet research and presentations

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