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Frontline Concierge offers a complimentary consultation for each new client we service.  This is how we learn about your life and your needs and how our services can most benefit you.

Having a personal assistant does not have to be expensive.  We charge a flat rate of $35.00 per hour for all services and an estimate is provided to you up front.  We find that charging by the hour rather than by task is much more cost-effective for our clients.  After the first hour, we bill in 15-minute increments.  For example, an errand that takes an hour and 15 minutes costs $43.75.

For first-time clients, we require a two-hour minimum service package that may be used within 30 days.  

Reclaim Your Leisure Time, Rebalance Your Life!


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Hourly Rates: 

There is a minimum 1-hour fee for all completed services.  Fees are then calculated by 15-minute intervals after the first hour. 

a la carte:                                          



Premium Rates:                    
   (weekends, after-hours)


   (as available)



Frontline Concierge does not charge additionally for mileage; all travel/driving time associated with client services is charged at the hourly rate.

Retainer Packages:

Customized, monthly packages are available for your convenience and value.  Simply purchase a package and we will deduct time as you use our service.  Unused hours expire within 30 days, however, unused package hours can roll over to the next month as long as a new package is purchased. 

Package 1:


3 hours


(5% savings)

Package 2:


6 hours


(10% savings)

Package 3:


9 hours


(10% savings)

Package 4:

12 hours


(10% savings)


Senior Discount at 15% for those 65 and older

Gift Certificates available.   Give the gift of time!

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