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Frontline Concierge offers a wide range of services to help clients manage their busy lives.  The services available to you through Frontline Concierge, are limited only by your imagination.  If you do not see what you want, contact us, and as long as it's legal and feasible, we will do our best to help.  Services listed below are those that clients find beneficial in helping them achieve more balance and give them more time. 

Reclaim Your Leisure Time, Rebalance Your Life!

Personal Errands
   - Dry cleaning/laundry drop-off and pickup
   - Grocery shopping
   - Car detailing and service appointments
   - Prescription pickup and delivery
   - Post office and mailings
   - Flower delivery
   - Gift shopping/Wrapping
   - Locating hard-to-find items

Household Management
    - Home organization projects
   - Space renovation and reorganization
- Arrange repairs and services
   - Property management and supervision
   - Collection of home improvement estimates
   - Meet contactors and vendors
   - Supervise deliveries and installations
   - Vendor referral for home repairs
   - Caretaking while you are away
   - Seasonal opening/closing of homes and vacation rentals

   - Airline ticket arrangements
   - Hotel and resort destination arrangements
   - Rental car arrangements
   - Organize itineraries
   - Find best fares and rates
   - Reward points management
   - Activity planning and arrangements

- Dog walking
   - Cat sitting
   - Veterinary visits
   - Transportation to groomer
   - Purchase pet supplies

Personal Concierge
    - Research and information gathering
   - Store purchases/returns
   - Reservations and appointments
   - Invitations/Holiday/Thank you cards
   - Party planning and liason with party vendors
   - Party organization and ordering

Senior Concierge (15% discount)
- Prescription pickup and delivery
   - Letter writing
   - Grocery and personal shopping
   - Appointment scheduling
   - Lunch delivery
   - Light meal preparation
   - Wellness checks
   - Peace of mind check-in

   - Set up utilities

   - Moving assistance
   - Hauling
   - Packing/unpacking
   - Arrange for relocation bids
   - Donating unwanted items

Office & Small Business
Event support
   - Shopping and organizing
   - Document filing
   - Any concierge services
   - Courier service
   - Gift shopping/wrap/deliver
   - Floral purchase/special delivery
   - Lunch/Meeting refreshments delivery
   - Mailings
   - Data entry and special projects
   - Internet research and presentations