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All Retainer Packages must be paid in advance.  We accept cash, personal checks, and all major credit cards through PayPal.  A major credit card will be held as a security deposit upon request of services. 

   - A la carte: Payment for a la carte services are due upon completion of your request. 

   - Third-Party Purchases:  Any additional service charges incurred such as dry cleaning, groceries, tickets, etc. are payable in advance.  You provide cash, check (made out to providing business), or credit card deposit prior to any purchases made.  Payment is due in advance of services rendered and any merchandise  purchased on behalf of our clients is client's responsibility in advance. 

   - A major credit card will be held as security and will not be charged unless the client fails to provide an alternate method of payment upon completion of service.  

   - Unused hours are non-refundable or transferable.


Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.  Voicemail messaging is available on a 24-hour basis.  Weekends and Holidays are available by appointment.  Orders are placed by calling 310.991-6788.  Services may be available on weekends, after-hours, and holidays with advance notice.  Extra fees apply.


Customized, monthly Retainer Packages are available for your convenience and value at discounted rates.  Simply purchase a package and we will deduct time as you use our service.  Unused hours expire within 30 days, however, unused package hours can roll over to the next month as long as a new package is purchased.  Ongoing monthly retainer fees must be pre-paid by the last day of the previous calendar.

   - Monthly Retainer Packages must be used within 30 days and are non-refundable.  

   - Need for Additional Hours: If clients require additional hours over monthly Retainer Packages, they can choose to purchase a la carte hours or another package.

   - Requests for Service:  We will reply to all requests for service within 24 hours.

   - 24-Hour Request Notification:  We request that you provide at least 24 hours lead time on all requests for service.  We operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

   - Retainer Clients:  Retainer clients receive priority over a la carte clients as long as 24 hours notification is provided.

   - Cancellation Policy:  All cancellations or rescheduling requires 24-hour notice by calling 310.991.7688.  If notification is not received, Frontline Concierge reserves the right to charge you full price for services scheduled.

   - Returned Check Fee:  $25.00 for insufficient funds/returned checks.

   - Client Privacy:  All Client information is confidential. Frontline Concierge does not give out personal information to third parties.  [Privacy Policies: Frontline Concierge will not divulge to any third parties confidential matters or give out personal information without the Client explicit permission.  Except where specifically agreed otherwise, all material, data, information, etc. collected during the course of the Service will remain in the possession of Frontline Concierge and not used without Client express permission.  All employees of Frontline Concierge have signed a Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure form.  We comply with all standards of the Privacy Act.]

   - Gift certificates expire in 90 days.


Frontline Concierge will not perform any service that is illegal, unethical, or that poses unnecessary danger to any person or property.  Frontline Concierge further reserves the right to decline any request at its sole discretion.  Frontline Concierge reserves the right to make any final decisions on services and related costs, may refuse any service request unsuitable for our employees, or deemed unsafe in any way.

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100% satisfaction is always a guarantee with Frontline Concierge! 
We are confident you will be completely satisfied with
Frontline Concierge.  Please let us know the day of your service 
that you would like something corrected.  If we are unable to correct
something, we will refund the cost of your service.

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